“Lastly, our protest as the church to the other public powers in view of Jesus as Lord must always be civil. We must also promote civility and call for effective governance in the family, state and market that safeguards human well-being in view of the fact that all people are created in God’s image and have inherent dignity and are equal. We on the religious right and left must move beyond the wrong view of the Christian political life as an individual concern and effect maximal change for the betterment of society as the church in solidarity with one another in view of Jesus as Lord.”

As Christians we have let our politics influence how we live out our Christian faith and values for far too long. Instead of letting our Christian faith, and beliefs…Christ’s death, his resurrection, and the indwelling Holy Spirit influence our political pursuits. without realizing we’ve turned our beliefs in to an agenda that forsakes loving God and our neighbor first, for the next available vote. If more real Christians(Christians willing to do the work…to endure the process) were involved in politics, our plights for Justice might look a little different. At that point our willingness to endure any hardships would surely surpass the desire to get the next vote.

Dr. Metzger’s latest post reminded me of William Wilberforce was one of the leaders in the movement to abolish the slave trade. After his conversion, he was compelled to fight for Justice on behalf of the least of these. William was willing to endure every hardship to obtain justice for the oppressed. What are willing to endure for Justice? Are we willing to let go of political biases, or our self righteous, legalistic attitudes for the sake of the people. Forsaking our power to bestow power upon others.

William Wilberforce’s faith made him a fanatic for Justice. He believed that his Christianity should influence his politics in every way, and he made sure that was a reality. In his book Real Christianity he writes this: ” I would suggest that faith is everyone’s business. The advance or decline of faith is so intimately connected to the welfare of a society that it should be of particular interest to a politician.” As those who would consider ourselves to be part of the right or the left, our main concern should be for the love, and welfare of our society. Once we make Christ…and our neighbors the focal point of our politics we’ll no longer be okay with sitting stagnate while people lie starving, in depths of despair and poverty. We will lay down the temporal power of political parties and walk in the power of Christ that unites us as brothers a and sisters in the faith.